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The study of Law is one of the more interesting parts of the curriculum. The intent is to give students a good understanding of how the British legal system works, from the workings of Parliament to pass acts, to the way the courts enforce our laws by means of statutory interpretation and judicial precedent. We also look at key areas of law that has an impact on everyday life as well as providing an interesting field of study, encompassing areas such as Tort, criminal Law and Human rights. Many of the skills gained are transferable to other areas of study and will provide a useful springboard to continue an academic career in any of the humanities subjects. 


The impact of studying law can be immense. All of use law all the time in our daily lives. Every time we get on a bus,  buy something online or even buy a burger at a well-known American chain we are using the law.. In law we learn the fundamentals of our legal system which not only would provide a launchpad to the continuance of legal studies at university but would introduce the depth and knowledge that can be applied to a host of other academic endeavours.'

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