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Philosophy & Ethics


Our knowledge-rich curriculum will inspire students to become theologians and philosophers who can make critical and balanced judgements about questions of meaning and purpose.  They will develop philosophical and ethical literacy in terms of vocabulary and conceptual understanding, developing from their knowledge gained in earlier study at KS3 and KS4. Our teaching and learning will ensure students acquire an in-depth understanding of the core vocabulary and the in-depth knowledge of the conceptual ideas of key thinkers within both Philosophical and Ethical circles, going back to the Ancient Greeks’ teachings. Through Christian theology, pupils will gain a real understanding of the impact of religious beliefs on the societies they live in and the will be able to link these to philosophical theories studied. They will be taught how to explore conceptual ideas, understand the complexities of faiths, secular views, respond to philosophical issues and make ethical decisions, providing them with the theological, philosophical and ethical knowledge to apply their learning to contemporary issues within modern society in their A Level study.


Our curriculum will ensure all students develop their ability to evaluate, explain and analyse philosophical and ethical beliefs and undertake a thematic religious study using an understanding of concepts, demonstrated in their responses to end of unit tests, assessments, classroom-based tasks and independent learning tasks. Our curriculum will help create mature, inquisitive well-rounded individuals, who will make a positive contribution to society by demonstrating understanding and respect to those around them.  This will allow them to challenge beliefs, while respecting those held by others and having empathy for their beliefs.

Students look at three main topics, Philosophy of Religion, Ethical Theories and Developments in Christian Thought.

Pupils explore topics like the Ancient Greek philosophers, ethical dilemmas like Euthanasia and Business Ethics. Learners will explore the historical and theological understandings of the person of Jesus Christ. The subject provides a good foundation for those going on to University.

We will be studying the OCR specification, more details available by following the link below:

AS-Level - 

A-Level -

It isn't necessary to have done GCSE Religious Studies to take this A level course.

Topics covered over the two years:



Christian Theology


Ethical Theories



Applied Ethics


KS5 Scheme of work, useful resources & Web links - click here (Password Protected)