The Highcrest Academy

KS4 Mathematics

All students in Years 9-11 will study Pearson GCSE Mathematics. All students will sit three exams during June of Year 11 and there is no coursework for this subject. For further information about the 3 year course, please visit

On top of the resources provided for KS3 students, KS4 students will have access to PIXL Maths.

Pupils will receive a variety of creative and skill-based homework tasks which will be published on Go4Schools. Extending pupil's learning outside the classroom is particularly important and we would encourage parents to involve themselves in their child's homework and actively promote the importance of being numerically literate in everyday life.

Pupils are also encouraged to meet any Maths teacher every day after-school to support their learning. This can also help to gain confidence with topics that they find more challenging. There is a dedicated member of staff in charge of targeting and supporting students in every Year group. In Year 11 there are dedicated morning and evening revision sessions. Additionally, there are targeted Saturday sessions throughout the year to ensure all students attain their very best result. 

In order to monitor their progress, KS4 students will sit a series of three Pre-Public Examinations that will be specific Pearson past and sample GCSE papers. These PPEs are particularly important and allow us to track pupil's progress and suggest areas for improvement.  Following each of their exams, pupils will receive personalised feedback on their performance detailing their successes and areas for development. This happens in September, December and March.

The Highcrest Academy has a strong homework policy and all pupils receive at least two Mathematics homeworks per week. The homework might be question, revision or ICT based. Students without ICT at home are encouraged to complete homework at lunch or at after school intervention sessions. 

For this current Academic Year the following staff are in charge of each group;

Mr A Merrick - Year 11 Interventions

Mr A Croci - Year 10 Interventions

Miss J Weyermann - Year 10 Interventions

Mr N Dale - Year 9 Interventions