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School Shop

Welcome to the Learning Resource Centre.

We have a purpose-built room which houses both fiction and non-fiction books as well as twelve computers all linked to the school network and Internet.

Students can use the LRC at break, lunchtime and after school. The LRC is open from 8.55am until at least 3.30pm every day.  Students can come to do their homework, read quietly or do research.

Students may borrow one book for two weeks in Year 7; the rest of the school may borrow two books for two weeks. Sixth formers may borrow a maximum of four books for two weeks.  All books can be renewed if not required by another student.

Our stock of books is regularly updated and we welcome any recommendations that students or staff suggest. We also have links with the Local Authority Library Service and The Bucks Schools Library Service. We recommend that all students join their local library.

With the help of the English department, we also run the Accelerated Reader programme for Years 7 and 8.  Students choose a book within their reading range, take a quiz on the book and then move on to the next book. There is also an inter-form challenge to see which form group can achieve the most passes in the quizzes throughout the year.

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We have a reading club made up of students across the school who meet regularly to discuss new books and shadow various book awards.

The LRC also runs a stationery shop; students can come at break and lunchtime to purchase the items. The school shop is also taken around the form groups by students during morning registration.

Items sold include:

Items Price
Pack of colouring pencils      £1
Glue stick 75p
Clear pencil case (large) £1.20  
Clear pencil case (small) £1
30cm ruler 20p
Pencil sharpener 20p
Highlighter 30p
Compass 25p
Eraser 10p
Protractor 10p
Pencil 5p
Pen 10p
USB Memory Pen £3.50
English Dictionary £3.50
French Dictionary £3.50
KS4 French Dictionary £6.50

Please note these prices can vary from time to time.